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Days 1-3 - loads to tell!

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ok so after saying that I wouldn't do much on my first few days I have had an action packed time so far...my first afternoon I went out exploring. The hostel that I am in is in an area called pana ganj which is the backpacker district its a bit rough hundred of people milling the streets loads of stalls with people trying to sell you everything...I was asked if I wanted to buy a beard at one place! I went to Connaught Place which is in the centre of New Dehli but not a lot to see there except a McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and Subway v disappointing...there were loads of con men round this area aswell and twice I got caught out speakin to what I thought were some lovely people who then decided to lead me to a shopping emporium and travel agents...luckily I remembered spending a whole day in Bangkok being sheparded to similar places so was able to politely decline and am now am am a bit more savvy about who I speak to and their intentions!!
In the evening I went to the Red Fort for the sound and light show it was really beautiful and I am heading back their today to see it in the light and spend a bit more time exploring! I had my first experience of Indian Food on my first night and found a stall which had lots of people round it on Chadni Chowk the main street in Old Dehli...I stuck to a potato samosa......and was fine..yeah!
At breakfast on day 2 I met a lovely Sweedish girl, Amelie, and a Norwegian girl, Birgette, who were staying at the same hostel along with David who I met on the plane and another girl from London, Keely, who he had met on the internet before going out to Dehli. We spent the whole day together and went to a Tibetan Market, Lodhi Gardens...which were so peaceful and relaxing after the hustle of Old Dehli, and then grabbed some dinner at a rooftop cafe in Panaganj....the whole dinner for the 5 of us came to about 8pounds and was such good food!!! The day times are nice and warm although Dehli has lots of smog and pollution and is really dusty but the nights get really cold...at the roof top cafe they gave us all blankets so we could still sit upstairs and eat our dinner.. This was my fav day so far!!!
Day 3 - David, Amelie and I all went to Jamal Masjid which is the largest Mosque in India and then headed to meet Maria whi is also taking the tour with me at my new hotel...it is lush in comparison to the Smyle Inn but a lot more expensive! In the afternoon we went to Akshardam Hindu Temple ....this is the nicest place I have seen so far and beats most of the temples I have seen in Thailand, it is linked with the Hindu temple in Neasden aswell! No photos allowed inside the temple so I will have to store it in my memory!!
Last night we went for dinner at a south Indian resturant recommended by the Indian family that Keely is staying with ...all the food I have had so far has been absolutely delicious..although I would like to try and find something to eat for breakfast that doesn't have coriander or spices in it!

Strange things I have seen so far include.....
1. Three elephants walking down the centre of the highway
2. An old man with no legs shuffling across 4 lanes of traffic on his bum...very sad!
3. The riskshaw driver we were with breaking getting stuck in cow dung trying to take us on a shortcut and having to get out and push the rickshaw through it before getting back on and driving!!
4. Stopping in traffic lights in Old dehli and seeing a man in his pj's pulling a cart amongst the cars
5. Numerous cows roaming the streets...no monkeys yet!
6. Loads of school children at the Akshardam temple who crowded round us cos they wanted us to take their pictures

So my Dragoman tour starts tomorrow at 8.00am...we are onto the Amber Palace first followed by a couple of days in Jaipur then Agra to the Taj Mahal!!

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Day 1


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Ok so this is a really quick blog to let everyone know that I arrived in Dehli safely with just a few tears at the airport!!
I am at the Smyle Inn hostel instead of the place where I booked as my airport pick up didn't arrive :-( luckily I made friends with a guy as I was queuing to board the plane who has just started off his 6 months of travels too in Dehli and jumped in his taxi and off to the Smyle Inn which is right in the centre of the backpacker district!! The taxi ride was soo much fun..I have never seen anything like the traffic in Delhi, we managed to fit 6 cars wide into a 3 lane road..and the only rule for the road is beep when you overtake!!!
I did manage to get an upgrade on the flight to club class and the pilot came out to see me and wish me well on my travels woo hoo!! thank you Nick! so now I am spoiled for all my future flights...but free champagne and a flat bed went down very nicely...not like my flee ridden mattress that I have for tonight...thank you dad for the sleeping bag liner...no bed bugs for me!
so for today I am not going to venture too far and get an early night while it all sinks in...but tomorrow we have booked a taxi to drop us off and wait for us win all the sites in Dehli from 10am to 5pm all for thr grand price of 6 pounds.


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